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Tyler Wentworth® In the 1950's, Tyler's great-aunt, Regina Wentworth, established the House of Wentworth in New York City and created innovative collections that set the standard for 7th Avenue fashion design. Years later, the exceptionally talented, young Tyler joined the staff. When Regina decided to retire to the South of France, she turned the company to Tyler, who quickly proved herself equal to her new responsibilities. Presented by the Robert Tonner Doll Company, Tyler Wentworth is a 16", vinyl/hard plastic doll with rooted hair, and a beautiful, high-quality wardrobe.
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Chicago Everyone loves a legend, but in Chicago, there's only room for one! Based on the 1975 Broadway musical, Chicago, is the story of chorus girl Roxie Hart and her infamous cell partner, Velma Kelly. Through the magic of Miramax Films, the Award-winning film comes to life through the hands of celebrated doll artist and designer, Robert Tonner. Roxie and Velma, 16" tall, are of highest quality vinyl/hard plastic. Each doll includes articulated movement at the waist and hip, with side-to-side shoulder movement, bending arms and legs and a rotational neck joint for the most amazing dance poses. Highest quality saran is used in the rooted hair, and each doll has hand-detailed painted eyes.(©2003 Miramax Film Corp. All rights reserved.)
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Matt O'NeillTM With the ability to work as a fireman in the country, while he maintained his business dealings in the city, Matt kept a balance between his love of both valley life and metropolitan elegance. After attending to a fire alarm at the Wentworth country home, Matt became quite enamored with Tyler Wentworth and her sublime sense of style. Matt O'Neill is a 17 1/2" hard plastic and vinyl doll with rooted hair and articulation at the neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder, chest, hip, knee and ankle, and he is accompanied by an extensive wardrobe.(Matt O'NeillTM is a trademark of the Tonner Doll Company, Inc. All rights reserved.)
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Emme® This is the first time in doll history that a collectible doll line with separately available outfits is primarily based on the full-figured female form as a symbol of high fashion and beauty. The doll is based on the revolutionary style and panache of the World's leading Plus size model Emme. Now Robert Tonner brings you Emme® as a beautiful 16" vinyl fashion doll with extraordinary fashions. (© 2002 Emme®. Emme® is a registered trademark of EMME Associates, Inc.)
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Tiny Kitty Collier® In a make believe time and a tiny place, Tiny Kitty opens up her dress shop. Her shop boasts the most beautiful clothing and accessories. Kitty wears her highly detailed fashions with feminine flair. Now collectors and fashion doll enthusiasts can revel in Tiny Kitty Collier TM, a 10" hard plastic miniature of the 18" favorite. Tiny Kitty has bent knees, swivel waist and rotational hip joints for many fun poses! (Tiny Kitty Collier is a trademark of the Tonner Doll Company, Inc. All rights reserved).
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