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Ordering & Shipping Information

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Money Orders.
Layaway plan available upon request.

Barbie Dolls

I. Within Canada:

We ship via Canada Post, and charges are $12.00 CDN for the first doll and $2.00 CDN extra per additional doll.

Dolls should arrive 3 to 7 days after ordering.

Express shipping within Canada is available upon request.

For Quebec residents, both GST and PST taxes apply on all orders.
For Ontario and other provinces only GST will be charged on the orders.


All sales are Duty FREE

Shipping charges to the USA are as follows:
$15.00 USD for the first doll
$2.00 USD extra per additional doll

Dolls would arrive 3 to 10 days from the time of ordering.

Please note that for Porcelain dolls and dolls with large boxes (e.g. Bob Mackies), shipping charges are slightly higher (around $20.00 USD per doll).

III. Overseas:

We will charge no taxes on overseas orders, however, duty might apply in some countries of destination, according to their own import laws.

We ship via CANADA POST AIRMAIL. SURFACE shipping is also available, upon request. Shipping charges are at exact cost (there are no handling charges), and a quote will be given at the time of ordering.

Dolls would arrive 7 to 14 days from the time of ordering, for Airmail, but may take 4 to 12 weeks to arrive by SURFACE.

Gene dolls, Nascar Diecast & Other Items

For Canada, USA and Overseas, quotes will be given at the time of ordering. Again, the charges will be at exact cost.

Charming Tails Figurines

*Within Canada: quote will be given at the time of ordering.
*USA: shipping charges are $10.00 USD for one figurine, and $2.00 extra per additional figurine. Large figurines such as the Houses and Snowglobes will cost a little more to ship.
*Overseas: quote will be given at the time of ordering.