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LAST UPDATE: April 2005

Paris Fashion Doll Convention 2005

The 11th annual Paris Fashion Doll convention was an exciting, activity-packed weekend that surpassed all expectations. The event, which took place March 18th to the 20th, gave collectors not only the chance to catch up on doll news and increase their collection, but also the opportunity to see one of France's most famous castles and get a "taste" of French culture.

The weekend was off to a busy start with a Friday afternoon Tea with Coquette Cissy, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Cissy of the Madame Alexander Doll Co. The 1950's being the theme of the convention, a 50's style cocktail followed soon after, with several manufacturers presenting ultra-limited dolls, available for purchase. Gene and Madra came dressed in style; Tiny Kitty looked stunning in a violet evening gown and little Riley of Kish & Co., a newcomer to the event, made quite an impression on those present. Door prizes were handed out and raffles were held, insuring that everyone went home with a great souvenir of the evening.

*Tea with Cissy Gene, at the Friday evening Cocktail,
limited edition of 50

By 8:00 am Saturday morning, conventioneers were on their way to the "Daphne visits Chantilly" excursion. First order of the day: a quick stop in the town of Chantilly to visit the lace museum, with its collection of gowns and antique black Chantilly lace. At 10:30, it was back on board the bus for the short ride to the Chateau of Chantilly, the historical residence of the Princes de Condé. The crisp morning air and the mist that shrouded the castle only heightened the excitement, as conventioneers embarked on their guided tour. The visit ended with just enough time to check out the art exhibit and take a quick stroll of the grounds, before proceeding to the restaurant.

Château de Chantilly Ultra-limited Brenda, "Dentelle Noire de Chantilly"
Created by Mrs. Christine Briand

Set up in the castle's kitchens with their high vaulted ceilings and enormous grate, the restaurant was a place of great warmth and charm. Conventioneers were treated to a gourmet meal that concluded in style with a mousse cake topped by authentic "crème Chantilly". Table prizes at lunch included some adorable miniatures (including a miniature record of the song "Chantilly Lace"!) offered by Mr. Denis Bastien of Affordable Designs ( and Ms. Wendy Childers of Hollywood Bakery. Raffles were held with the chance to win an ultra-limited edition Brenda Starr dressed by Mme Christine Briand, in black Chantilly lace, among other things. Finally, the Daphne doll was unveiled and it turned out to be a beautiful platinum-haired Daphne dressed in a lace over satin evening gown and limited to 150.

Chantilly Charmant Daphne *Angelina Doll auctioned to aid Tsunami victims

Back at the Novotel Bagnolet, a silent auction was held, thanks to the generous donations of numerous doll artists and manufacturers, to benefit the "Asian Tsunami Relief Fund". Winners were announced later that evening at the Banquet dinner.

Dinner was a grand event, with even more table gifts and prizes, including an Haute Doll Magazine, both life-size and miniature! Conventioneers were treated to a Tyler presentation, featuring the 2005 line-up, as well as the traditional Fashion Show. Convention Dolls were handed out at the end of the evening, following a draw for some special prizes, among them the ultra-limited Haute Rouge Tyler, which graced the center of every table.

Tres Jolie Sydney Haute Rouge Tyler,
table centerpiece limited to 50

*Fashion Show: The Wizard of Oz family -
The Wicked Witch, Glinda and adorable Dorothy
Sunday's Salesroom - dolls by
Dutch artist Willem van der Leer

Sunday's Salesroom held a wide selection of vintage and new dolls, as well as elaborate artist creations. Volks of Japan presented their dolls, generating quite a bit of excitement among collectors. The event came to a close with the trophy presentation to the winners of the Doll Design competition. It was quite a memorable weekend that left collectors eagerly awaiting next year's convention!

Sunday Salesroom: Dolls by French artist
Christine Briand
Award winning artist Mr. Sebastien Giustetto,
with his creation

*Many thanks to Mr. Alain Hautier and Mme Françoise Hautier for these pictures.