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Polar Bear Cubs

HN0608 With all my Love
$45.00 CDN, $31.00 USD
HN0611 Friends Make the Journey...
$27.00 CDN, $19.00 USD

HN0612 Santa`s Little Helper
$27.00 CDN, $19.00 USD
HN0613 1999 Ltd Edition
$45.00 CDN, $31.00 USD

H72010 The Bear Cub Club
$33.00 CDN, $23.00 USD
H72017 Sharing a Coke
$23.00 CDN, $18.00 USD

H72020 Sweet Dreams
$19.00 CDN, $13.00 USD
H72052 I carved this For You
$26.00 CDN, $18.00 USD

H72053 Giving Thanks
$26.00 CDN, $18.00 USD
Hn0604 Dear Santa, 1998 Ltd Ed.
$49.00 CDN, $34.00 USD

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