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Last update: March 14th, 2007
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Charming TailsŪ Collection, by Dean Griff
Everyday Expressions
Code Description CDN US Picture
DG 82107The Get-away Car$26.99$23.00
DG 82110Let Freedom Ring$22.99$20.00 
DG 82111Little Lady Liberty$22.99$20.00 
DG 82113Mardi Gras Mouse$22.99$20.00 
DG 82115Mouse Rushmore$22.99$20.00 
DG 82117A Star in the making$22.99$20.00 
DG 83103Hang Ten$19.99$17.00 
DG 83107Headin' for the Beach$19.99$17.00 
DG 83108You're My Treasure$19.99$17.00 
DG 83111Sunny Days are on the way$17.99$15.00 
DG 83115You sizzle$22.00$19.00
DG 83700Toasting Marshmallows$24.99$21.00 
DG 83702Gone Fishin$19.99$17.00 
DG 83801Rowboat Romance$19.99$17.00 
DG 83802Building Castles$19.99$17.00 
DG 83803A Day at the Lake$19.99$17.00 
DG 83804Come on in, the water's fine$24.99$21.00 
DG 83809Mow Mow Mow the lawn$16.99$15.00 
DG 84115You're a reflection of my affection$14.99$13.00 
DG 85412Turkey with dressing$19.99$17.00 
DG 85504Enjoy life's voyage$22.99$20.00 
DG 85515I'm all ears$19.99$17.00 
DG 85701Reginald Gourd costume$14.99$13.00 
DG 85702Turkey Traveller$24.99$21.00 
DG 87353Surrouned by friends$19.99$17.00 
DG 87361One for you$19.99$17.00 
DG 87362Tuggin Twosome$24.99$21.00 
DG 87391The Berry Best$19.99$17.00 
DG 87391The Berry Best$19.99$17.00 
DG 87395Love me,love me not$19.99$17.00 
DG 87396Take time to reflect$19.99$17.00 
DG 87399Taggin along$19.99$17.00 
DG 87431Chauncey's Pear Costume$16.99$15.00 
DG 87448Cattail Catapult$19.99$17.00 
DG 87451You're Nutty$16.99$15.00 
DG 87800Follow the bouncing ball$19.99$17.00 
DG 87801Good Cheers$19.99$17.00 
DG 87803Keep your eye on the birdie$19.99$17.00 
DG 87804Ready to take a swing at it$19.99$17.00 
DG 88102You're my lucky angel$17.99$15.00 
DG 88106Home Tweet Home$24.99$21.00 
DG 88112Flower Pot surprises$19.99$17.00 
DG 88123Pretty Parachute (with stand)$32.99$27.00 
DG 88124You're the top bean$19.99$17.00 
DG 88128Everything grows with love$19.99$17.00 
DG 88130You're a wonderful bud$19.99$17.00 
DG 88131Irish you luck$19.99$17.00 
DG 89108Morning Hare$16.99$14.00 
DG 89109A bubbly personality$16.99$14.00 
DG 89116Free to be friends$24.99$21.00 
DG 89117Happy b-day Surprise$19.99$17.00
DG 89124Family Portrait$19.99$17.00 
DG 89129I wish you weren't so far$19.99$17.00 
DG 89130Just weight$17.99$15.00 
DG 89133You're always on your toes$17.99$15.00 
DG 89135Life's a bowl full of cherries$22.99$19.00
DG 89137You bake me happy$19.99$17.00 
DG 89149I'll always protect you$22.99$19.00
DG 89150We're here when you need us$22.99$19.00
DG 89152Listen to your heart$22.99$19.00
DG 89153You brighten my smile$22.99$19.00
DG 89154You always deliver$22.99$19.00
DG 89155While you were out$22.99$19.00 
DG 89156You make me look good$22.99$19.00 
DG 89158We are young at heart$26.99$22.00
DG 89169You're a-peeling$24.99$21.00
DG 89172You're a real peach$24.99$22.00
DG 89173You're sweet to the core$24.99$22.00
DG 89195I'm Butter because of You$26.99$23.50
DG 89198Party til the cows come home$26.99$23.50
DG 89199You're really something... about$22.99$20.00
DG 89376Daddy's little helper$21.99$18.00 
DG 89517Midday snooze$24.99$21.00 
DG 89623Hangin around$24.99$21.00 
DG 89626I see things clearly now$16.99$14.00 
DG 89701I'm thinking of you$16.99$14.00 
DG 89714Guess what$14.99$13.00 
DG 89720A Little bird told me$16.99$14.00 
DG 89756I miss you already$19.99$17.00 
DG 89758Now I lay me down to sleep$19.99$17.00 
DG 89763The honeymoon's over$19.99$17.00 
DG 93206Heart picture frame$29.99$25.00 
DG 93212Love expressions frame$29.99$25.00 
DG 97/48Our friendship is a barrel of fun$24.99$22.00
DG 97716Good luck$19.99$17.00 
DG 97718Reach for the stars$24.99$22.00 
DG 98297You make me proud$24.99$21.00 
DG 98330Colorful balloon ride, blue$29.99$25.00 
DG 98335Colorful balloon ride, green$29.99$25.00 
DG 98340Colorful balloon ride, orange$29.99$25.00 
DG 98359Mom knows how to have fun$34.99$29.00 
DG 89/10#0 Belle$22.00$18.00 
DG 89/2#2 Binkey$22.00$18.00 
DG 89/3#3 Chauncey$22.00$18.00 
DG 89/4#4 Sebastian$22.00$18.00 
Canadian Exclusives                   Top
DG 98262Take friendship under your wing$26.99$22.00 
DG 98288Going Camping, eh?$24.99$22.00 
DG 98324Circle of Friends$26.99$22.00 
DG 98394Seasons change,friends never do$19.99$17.00 
DG 98427Sailing by,Say hi$29.99$25.00signed
DG 98941Your Friendship...$25.00$21.00 
Christmas Figurines                   Top
DG 87101Nestled in for the holidays$19.99$17.00 
DG 87102Everybody Sing$26.99$23.00 
DG 87103Skating Party$19.99$17.00 
DG 87106Home Sweet Home$24.99$21.00 
DG 87107Swinging on a star$22.99$20.00 
DG 87108The Season of love$22.99$20.00 
DG 87109Bringing Home the tree$22.99$20.00 
DG 87110The stockings were hung$19.99$17.00 
DG 87115Baby's first Christmas$19.99$17.00 
DG 87116Candlelight Kisses$19.99$17.00 
DG 87118I'm stuck on you$19.99$17.00 
DG 87128Holly Day House$49.99$41.00 
DG 87131Harp the herald angel sings$24.99$21.00 
DG 87132Jingle Bell Rock$26.99$22.00 
DG 87134Go ahead pile up the decoration$24.99$21.00 
DG 87135The Season of Peace$22.99$19.00 
DG 87143No peeking$22.99$19.00 
DG 87208Dive into the holidays$24.99$21.00 
DG 87213O Mackenzie Tree$19.99$17.00 
DG 87254Happy to see you're still...$26.99$22.00 
DG 87255I'm pulling for you$26.99$22.00 
DG 87256He will light the way$26.99$22.00 
DG 87305Flying Saucer$19.99$17.00 
DG 87472You melted my heart$24.99$21.00 
DG 87473Follow in my footsteps$16.99$14.00 
DG 87481Angel of Light$16.99$14.00 
DG 87513Jingle Bells$19.99$17.00 
DG 87554Chauncey's noisemakers$16.99$14.00 
DG 87556The Drum Major$14.99$13.00 
DG 87561Street Light & Sign$14.99$13.00 
DG 87565Pear Taxi$22.99$19.00 
DG 87570The snowball fight$19.99$17.00 
DG 87587The Float Driver$14.99$13.00 
DG 87591Reginald's Newsstand$25.99$22.00 
DG 87619Building Blocks of Christmas$14.99$13.00 
DG 87622Merry Xmas from our house to yours$26.99$23.00 
DG 87625Please just one more$19.99$17.00 
DG 87694Stewart's choo choo ride$24.99$21.00 
DG 91453Votive candle holder$24.99$21.00 
DG 93421Candy Cane candleholder$24.99$21.00 
DG 93422Candy cane pillar candleholder$19.99$17.00 
DG 93483Snow Angels lidded box$14.99$13.00 
DG 93506Holly Day Dreams candy jar$39.99$33.00 
DG 93509Holly Day Dreams mug$14.99$13.00 
DG 98210First Day of Xmas$19.99$17.00 
Valentine Figurines                   Top
DG 82101My heart's all a-flutter$19.99$17.00 
DG 84102I'm under your spell$21.99$19.00 
DG 84105It takes two to Tango$19.99$17.00 
DG 84106I would do it all over again$16.99$15.00 
DG 84112Honey Bunnies$19.99$17.00 
DG 84114Queen of my heart$16.99$15.00 
DG 84116You're my sweetheart$19.99$17.00 
DG 84117Romantic at heart$19.99$17.00 
DG 84118Sending all my love$19.99$17.00 
DG 84119Sweetie Pie$17.99$15.00 
DG 84120Bee My Honey$21.99$19.00
DG 84121Showered in Love$24.99$21.50 
DG 84122We make a perfect pair$21.99$19.00
DG 84123You really spice up my life$21.99$19.00
DG 84125Sometimes love is berry shy$24.99$21.00
DG 84128We make a colourful pair$19.99$17.00
DG 84129I'm sending you my love$19.99$17.00
DG 84131You've got me in your palm$24.99$21.00
DG 84132I love you a bushel$19.99$17.00
DG 84134You've got style$19.99$17.00
DG 84135Opposites attract$19.99$17.00
DG 84139Tweetie Pie$26.99$23.00
DG 84142You Make My Heart Tick$28.99$25.00 
DG 84143Cut Out for Luving You$22.99$19.50 
DG 84144You're an Angel$24.99$21.50 
DG 84145You make my Heart race$24.99$21.50 
DG 84146Olive You$22.99$19.50 
DG 85517I'm nuts over you$21.99$19.00 
DG 87120You're my snuggle bunny$19.99$17.00 
DG 87807Two, Love$24.99$21.00 
DG 88111You've really grown on me$21.99$18.00 
DG 88120Lucky I found you$22.99$19.00 
DG 89159With this ring$26.99$22.00
DG 89603I have a question for you (blue)$19.99$17.00
DG 89619Bunny Buddies$24.99$21.00 
DG 89703There's no us without u$24.99$21.00 
DG 93200Love musical with bunny$39.99$33.00 
DG 93201Tunnel of love$65.00$53.00 
Easter Figurines                   Top
DG 84124You give me butterflies$21.99$19.00 
DG 87372After the hunt$24.99$21.00 
DG 87373Look out down below$24.99$21.00 
DG 87377Gathering Treats$14.99$13.00 
DG 87386The Chase is on$19.99$17.00 
DG 87423Catchin butterflies$19.99$17.00 
DG 87424Bunny Love$24.99$21.00 
DG 87425Hoppity Hop$19.99$17.00 
Halloween & Autumn Figurines                   Top
DG 85100Put on a happy face$16.99$15.00 
DG 85104Candy Corn Caper$19.99$17.00 
DG 85106Pumpkin Surprise$18.00$15.00 
DG 85107There's something sweet between us$19.99$17.00 
DG 85111Peek-a-boo$24.99$21.00 
DG 85115Pig-a-boo I See You$22.99$19.50 
DG 85117You're Bewitching$22.99$19.50 
DG 85123On the Fast Track to Fun$34.99$30.00 
DG 85124Don't be a Scardy Cat$24.99$21.00 
DG 85410Jack-o-lantern Jalopy$19.99$17.00 
DG 85501Autumn Breezes$16.99$14.50 
DG 85503Nuts About Naps$17.99$15.50 
DG 85516Sometimes the Road is Bumpy$22.99$20.00 
DG 85518A Word to the Wise$19.99$17.00
DG 85521I've Fallen For You$24.99$21.50
DG 85522You're Yummy$24.99$21.50
DG 85529We have plenty...$34.99$30.00 
DG 85531Fall in Love$24.99$21.50 
DG 85607Candy Corn Vampire$24.99$21.00 
DG 85611Candy Cane Apples$19.99$17.00 
DG 85704The Good Witch$24.99$21.00 
DG 87428Look, No Hands$19.99$17.00 
DG 87438Picking Time$19.99$17.00 
Special Collections                   Top
DG 89252You're a sister of rare beauty$24.99$22.00
DG 89254Friendship... dream come true$24.99$22.00
DG 89255Together for eternity$24.99$22.00
DG 89257Daughter, your goodness warms...$24.99$22.00
DG 89260You're the only fish...$22.99$20.00
DG 89261You're a treasured friend$22.99$20.00
DG 89262Riding the Tide of Friendship$22.99$20.00
DG 89264Friendship is a Snap$22.99$20.00
DG 89265An Ocean of Love$24.99$22.00
DG 89266You give my life Porpoise$22.99$20.00
DG 89267Having a whale of a time$22.99$20.00
DG 89268You really fill the bill$22.99$20.00
DG 89269Happy as a clam$22.99$20.00
DG 89273You help keep me balanced$19.99$17.50
DG 89277You rock my sole$24.99$22.00
DG 89278May your shoes bring you home$22.99$20.00
DG 89279You're a glamorous sole$21.99$19.00
DG 89281Fun is good for the sole$19.99$17.50
DG 89283Sole of a rebel$24.99$22.00
DG 98390You're the one I'm looking for$22.99$20.00
Ornaments                   Top
DG 86/2Two Turtle Doves$14.99$13.00
DG 86/3Three French Hens$14.99$13.00
DG 86/4Four Calling Birds$14.99$13.00
DG 86/5Five Golden Rings$14.99$13.00
DG 86/6Six Geese A-layin'$14.99$13.00
DG 86/7Seven Swans A-swimmin'$14.99$13.00
DG 86/8Eight Maids A-milkin'$14.99$13.00
DG 86110Holiday Wreath 2001$9.99$8.50 
DG 86106Candy Cane ornament$22.99$20.00 
DG 86112You're just write for me$12.99$11.00 
DG 86114A World of Learning$14.99$13.00 
DG 86115Baby's First Christmas$14.99$13.00 
DG 86116Candy Cane Giftset$22.99$20.00 
DG 86117Is it Christmas yet$14.99$13.00 
DG 86121Snow Cone 2002$9.99$13.00 
DG 86122Flying in for the Holidays$14.99$13.00 
DG 86125Skating Through the Season$14.99$13.00 
DG 86137Baby's First Christmas Rubberduck$16.99$14.50
DG 86139Holiday Sweetheart$17.99$15.50
DG 86140Gum Drop Express, set of 4$39.99$34.00
DG 86141The Bright Outlook$16.99$14.50
DG 86142Binky's Holiday Hammock$16.99$14.50
DG 86143Angel of Good Tidings$16.99$14.50
DG 86147Sweetie Skier$16.99$14.50
DG 86148It's Red Hat Season$16.99$14.50
DG 86150Riding on Christmas Spirit$17.99$15.50
DG 86151Have a Close-knit Christmas$16.99$14.50
DG 86152Let It Snow$16.99$14.50
DG 86153A Package Full of Cheers$16.99$14.50
DG 86154Begin the Holiday on a Happy Note$16.99$14.50
DG 86156Our Christmas Together$16.99$14.50
DG 86157Christmas Keeps Us...$14.99$13.00 
DG 86159You're on top of my List$14.99$13.00 
DG 86160This Season rings with...$14.99$13.00 
DG 86162Ho Ho Ho$14.99$13.00 
DG 86163Don't Let The Holidays...$14.99$13.00 
DG 86164There are Good Things...$14.99$13.00 
DG 86652Airmail to Santa$9.99$8.50 
DG 86653Our First Christmas Together$14.99$13.00 
DG 86658Tricycle built from treats$14.99$13.00 
DG 87146Made Just For You$16.99$14.50
DG 87304Christmas Flowers ornament$16.99$14.50 
DG 87366This is Hot$12.99$11.00 
DG 88116Hanging on to a good friend$11.99$10.50 

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