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Barbie® Collection up to 2002
Doll CDN US Availability
All That Glitters$69.00 CDN$46.00 USIn Stock
Anne of Green Gables$29.99 CDN$21.00 USIn Stock
Barbie 2002$75.00 CDN$51.00 USIn Stock
Barbie 2002,AA$75.00 CDN$51.00 USIn Stock
Barbie & Snoopy$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn Stock
Black Enchantment, Fashion$65.00 CDN$44.00 USIn Stock
Calla Lily$95.00 CDN$64.00 USIn Stock
Clark Gable as Rhett Butler$95.00 CDN$64.00 USIn Stock
Classic Grace,Degas #2$205.00 CDN$139.00 USIn Stock
Coca-Cola Majorette$75.00 CDN$51.00 USIn Stock
Continental Holiday Giftset$129.00 CDN$87.00 USIn Stock
Elvis in Gold Suit$59.99 CDN$41.00 USIn Stock
Enchanted Mermaid$394.00 CDN$267.00 USIn Stock
Faberge #3$480.00 CDN$326.00 USIn Stock
Fire & Ice,SLC Olympics$75.00 CDN$51.00 USIn Stock
Grand Entrance Barbie,AA$79.00 CDN$53.00 USIn Stock
Heidi,Literary Heroine$29.99 CDN$21.00 USIn Stock
The Iris$95.00 CDN$64.00 USIn Stock
Lingerie #5, AA$65.00 CDN$44.00 USIn Stock
Mademoiselle Isabelle$110.00 CDN$74.00 USIn Stock
Malibu Barbie$29.99 CDN$20.00 USIn Stock
M. Monroe,Giftset$75.00 CDN$50.00 USIn Stock
Mickey & Minnie$22.00 CDN$15.00 USIn Stock
Midnight Romance Cinderella$39.99 CDN$28.00 USIn Stock
Peter Rabbit,100th Anniversary$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn Stock
Provençale$249.99 CDN$170.00 USIn Stock
Society Girl$69.00 CDN$46.00 USIn Stock
Society Girl,AA$69.00 CDN$46.00 USIn Stock
The Swan$39.99 CDN$27.00 USIn Stock
Western Chic$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn Stock
Winter Concert$110.00 CDN$74.00 USIn Stock
1960's Barbie$74.99 CDN$51.00 USIn Stock
40th Anniversary Ken$59.99 CDN$41.00 USIn Stock
After the Walk$179.99 CDN$123.00 USIn stock
Austrian$34.99 CDN$24.00 USIn stock
Barbie 2000(AA)$72.00 CDN$49.00 USIn Stock
Barbie loves Frank Sinatra$99.00 CDN$68.00 USIn Stock
Between Takes$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Birthday Wishes #2$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn Stock
Bowling Champ$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn Stock
Burberry #2$99.00 CDN$69.00 USIn Stock
Captain Hook$99.00 CDN$68.00 USIn stock
Charleston, by Mackie$359.00 CDN$245.00 USIn Stock
Countess of Rubies$122.00 CDN$83.00 USIn Stock
Curious George Barbie$39.99 CDN$28.00 USIn Stock
Coca-Cola Barbie #2$73.99 CDN$50.00 USIn Stock
Coca-Cola Picnic$22.00 CDN$15.00 USIn stock
Coca-Cola Santa$125.00 CDN$85.00 USIn Stock
Cool Collecting Barbie$74.99 CDN$51.00 USIn stock
Crystal Jubilee$365.00 CDN$249.00 USIn stock
Day In The Sun Barbie$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Duchess of Diamonds$122.00 CDN$83.00 USIn Stock
Dancing Fire$99.00 CDN$69.00 USIn Stock
Duet #3 Grand Ole Opry$127.00 CDN$86.00 USIn stock
Erica Kane #1$76.99 CDN$53.00 USIn stock
Erica Kane Wedding #2$76.00 CDN$52.00 USIn stock
Evening Star Princess$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Elvis In Jumpsuit$59.99 CDN$41.00 USIn Stock
Evening Symphony (Service Merchandise)$29.99 CDN$21.00 USIn stock
Fantasy Goddess / Americas$299.00 CDN$204.00 USIn Stock
Ferrari Designer$349.00 CDN$238.00 USIn Stock
Frank Sinatra, Recording Years$59.99 CDN$41.00 USIn Stock
Goldilocks & Baby Bear$24.00 CDN$17.00 USIn Stock
Goddess of Spring$110.00 CDN$75.00 USIn Stock
Grecian Goddess$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn stock
Hanae Mori$115.00 CDN$79.00 USIn stock
Hansel & Gretel$24.00 CDN$17.00 USIn Stock
Holiday Angel#2$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Hollywood Cast Party$65.00 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Holiday Angel$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Holiday Gift #4$245.00 CDN$167.00 USIn stock
Imperial Splendor$480.00 CDN$325.00 USIn Stock
In The Pink$325.00 CDN$221.00 USIn Stock
Lighter than Air$195.00 CDN$133.00 USIn Stock
Literary Heroines,Jo (Little Women)$29.99 CDN$21.00 USIn Stock
Literary Heroines,Fern$29.99 CDN$21.00 USIn Stock
Literary Heroines,Heidi$29.99 CDN$21.00 USIn Stock
Lil Friends of Kelly (Target-Halloween)$48.99 CDN$33.00 USIn stock
Lucy #3-Italian Movie$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn Stock
Mann's Chinese Theater(blonde)$90.00 CDN$62.00 USIn Stock
Midnight Moon Princess$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Millennium Wedding,bru.$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Nascar #1$55.00 CDN$38.00 USIn stock
Nolan Miller #1$168.00 CDN$115.00 USIn stock
Orchid Bride$225.00 CDN$153.00 USIn stock
Perfectly Suited BMR II$89.99 CDN$62.00 USIn stock
Princess & the Pea$42.00 CDN$29.00 USIn Stock
Publicity Tour$64.99 CDN$45.00 USIn Stock
Queen of Sapphires$122.00 CDN$83.00 USIn Stock
The Rose$89.00 CDN$61.00 USIn Stock
Snow so Chic Fashion$42.99 CDN$30.00 USIn stock
Society Hound$119.99 CDN$82.00 USIn Stock
Spring in Tokyo$59.99 CDN$41.00 USIn stock
Styled by Yuming$106.00 CDN$73.00 USIn Stock
Summer Daydreams$125.00 CDN$85.00 USIn stock
Sydney 2000$53.99 CDN$37.00 USIn Stock
Sydney 2000 (bl.)$53.99 CDN$37.00 USIn Stock
Trend Forecaster (clothes minded)$59.99 CDN$41.00 USIn stock
Uptown Chic$49.99 CDN$34.00 USIn stock
Victorian Barbie & Kelly$115.00 CDN$79.00 USIn Stock
Wedding Day Reproduction$45.00 CDN$31.00 USIn stock
Western Plains$99.99 CDN$68.00 USIn Stock
Whispering Wind$99.00 CDN$68.00 USIn Stock
Winner's Circle (Spiegel's)$75.00 CDN$51.00 USIn stock
Winter Dazzle$29.99 CDN$22.00 USIn stock
Wedgewood #2$120.00 CDN$82.00 USIn Stock
Winter Frost Sleeping Beauty$59.99 CDN$41.00 USIn Stock

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